Tee off to a better game with the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball.It is made from a 50/50 blend of Surlyn and rubber. This soft-feel golf ball delivers plenty of extra distance from each swing. It has a two-piece solid-core construction and it...

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The high energy core (one of the largest in golf history) is mixed with titanium powder. It is moulded under high temperatures and extreme pressure for superior durability, elasticity and a high coefficient of restitution.The poly-resin outer...

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The Longridge Nitro Eclipse golf balls are made of rubber with rubber and resin shell. The balls are brightly coloured and thus easier to discern on the course. They are supplied in a box that contains 6 balls. Two-colour semi-transparent cover...

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382 precisely optimized dimples Polybutadiene and Tungsten mix core Proprietary Ionomer Two-piece technology built for distance 382 precisely optimized dimplesPolybutadiene and Tungsten mix coreProprietary IonomerTwo-piece technology built for...

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Wilson Ultra Golf Balls 15 Pack The Wilson Ultra Golf Balls have been produced with a guaranteed cutproof cover for ultimate playability and offer maximum distance allowed by the rules of golf. These golf balls have a high energy titanium core...

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