Golf Club Brush for Club Groove Cleaning and Shoe Spike Cleaning by Fayde Golf Europe, Dual Sided Nylon and Steel Bristle Brush with Spike for Club Face and Groove Cleaning, Metal Loop Clip (Carabiner) for Easy attachment to Golf Bag or Belt Loop, Ergonomic Designed Non Slip Handle


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This Fayde Golf Europe Golf Club and Shoe Spikes Cleaning Brush allows to to attain and maintain your Peak Performance whilst playing the game of Golf. This Golf Club Cleaning Brush has both Soft Nylon and Stiff Steel Bristles for maximum cleaning capability of your Irons and Woods, along with a Spike for cleaning the grooves of more stubborn grit, to ensure the Golf Club Face has the maximum possible clean contact with the Golf Ball. This Brush is also ideal for cleaning your Golf Shoes without damaging them. This Brush comes with a metal locking Loop / Carabiner to enable it to be attached to your Golf Bag or if wanted to one of your Belt Loops on your Trousers. The Retractable Cord allows the Brush to be used within approximately 2 feet of the Golf Bag or Belt Loop. The Golf Club Brushes are manufactured from a Black / Red or Black / Blue – Plastic and Rubber that has been Ergonomically Designed to fit comfortably in your hand and is non-slip in wet conditions. You can also use the brush to clean any Dirt or Mud off your Golf Ball before drying it with your Golf Towel. This Fayde Golf Europe Golf Club Brush is a must have additional Accessory / Tool for a Golfer of any standard.

  • The Golf Club Clenaing Brush has Dual Bristles of both Nylon and Steel are very good at removing any dirt from the club, but are soft and kind on the club face. The nylon bristles for the Woods and Hybrid Clubs and the Steel Wire Brushes for the Irons.
  • There is a Groove Cleaning Spike on this Golf Club Cleaning Brush with a Safety Cover – that will pick out any stubborn dirt or debris from the Golf Club Grooves and is also very efficient at cleaning your Golf Shoe Spikes, to ensure great foot stability during your Golf Swing.
  • The Ergonomically Designed Golf Club Cleaning Brush Handle, is soft to the feel with the Rubber Coloured Grip and Plastic Body, this provide your with a Sure-Grip when using the Brush. The Golf Club Cleaning Brush also has a 2 Foot Self-Retracting Cord / Lanyard with a Metal Clip Lock / Carabiner for securing the Brush to your Golf Bag or to One of your Belt Loops to keep it at hand for easy use and also for safe keeping so you cannot loose it.
  • This 3 in 1 Golf Club Cleaning Brush by Fayde Golf Europe is one Accessory that will help all Golfers keep on top of their game and is a Stylish Addition to the Golfers Accessories and Tools that you will want to keep close at hand at all times.
  • As with all Fayde Golf Europe Apparel and Accessories we always ensure you are supplied with a Quality Product and we are a Golf Brand offering a Total Product Portfolio that will help the Golfer of any golfing standard improve their game and as always remember to always – ‘Play the Fayde and Feel the Swing’