Aiskaer Golf Club Groove Sharpener Tool with 6 Cutters – Apply the Latest U and V Groove,easily Removed Sediment in the Groove


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About product:
When the groove depth and width of your golf and Blunt due to hit number increase, if you don’t repair will affect you to hit the ball and the effect of distance, this product is very strong, he can fix your ball head U/V groove, let old slot into a new slot, also can clean ball head movement, so as to achieve better effect. Use a very simple.
If the golf ball spin greater strength. The more easily reach their target area, but the ball is not easy to get out of the lawn, thereby improving your own skills.
One of the main factors affecting the supination strength is ball striking surface, wherein the sharp and cleanliness of the trench is most important,Often the trenches to make clean and sharp golf striking surface to create a beautiful spin, allowing you to become a professional golfer

Product features:
1. The products manufactured by the super-hard tool steel and special aluminum
2. You can very easily put a good grinding grooves and clean
3. Restore the excellent performance of the original club
4. Increase your ability to hit the ball spin, control and accuracy
5. Applicable to now the latest U / V grooves

Product specifications
Materials:super-hard tool steel and special aluminum
Color: red, blue, gold, silver, purple (5 color optional)
Length: 4.33 inches
Weight: 0.07 pounds
Packaging:clear plastic safety tube

Package include:
1*Golf Club Groove Sharpener Tool with 6 Cutters

  • Aircraft Aluminum Body, Hardened Tool Steel Tip, knurled handle for better grip.
  • 6 cutter heads with two different cutting types,3 for U type club grooves and 3 for V type grooves.
  • Perfect for Adams, Callaway, Cobra, Cleveland, Nike, Ping, TaylorMade, Titleist, Wilson, and other Leading Irons, including Sand Wedges, Lob Wedges, Gap Wedges, Approach Wedges, and other Golf Utility Clubs.
  • Complies with USGA and R&A regulations
  • Weighs only 0.07 pounds, length of only 4.3 inches, Packaged in clea