Ben Sayers M15 Complete Golf Club Set Cart Bag Mens New Graphite Shafted Woods and Steel Shafted Irons Head Covers + FREE Ben Sayers Golf Umbrella & Society Pack Worth £24.00


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Ben Sayers Double Canopy Umbrella FREE With this set

  • Ben Sayers have really raised the bar again for 2015, with the all new M15 Golf Package Set. Driver / Fairways – 460cc oversized Titanium matrix driver and matching woods with graphite shafts that have been designed to be aerodynamic to reduce drag and help you create a more repeatable swing. The heads of these clubs also feature a tactical flight channel and lower centre of gravity to increase the stability of the head to increase forgiveness and accuracy on mishits.
  • The shafts on this set of irons are all STEEL so will be better suited for golfers with faster club head speeds. if your swing speed is slow you should go with the graphite shafted version of this set. Each set comes with matching deluxe head covers made from quality materials
  • The stylish hybrid replaces the longer, harder to hit traditional irons incorporating an offset hosel to eliminate sliced ball flight. By lowering the CG we have also achieved a higher penetrating ball flight, resulting in increased distance and accuracy.
  • All sets come with a top of the range Stand bag offering all the features you would expect from a Ben Sayers bag.You will also receive a Ben Sayers Double Canopy Umbrella FREE
  • Irons – The stainless steel head on the Ben Sayers irons provides durability and the iron head features a deep undercut cavity to provide you with the game improvement forgiveness that beginners need throughout the whole set. A wider sole and top line will inspire confidence at address and increase and the technology will help you lower your scores quickly.