Big Max Heaven 6 Stand Bag


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The Big Max Heaven 6 stand bag features a 4-way divider and a lightweight and easy stand mechanism as well as a leg lock. There are 5 pockets including a cooler pocket, a scorecard pocket and extra pockets for storing accessories. The bag also has holders for gloves, an umbrella and a towel, and the adjustable straps and easy lift handles make for more comfortable and convenient carrying.

  • 4-Way Divider;
  • 5 Pockets (Cooler Pocket, Scorecard Pocket and Accessory Pockets);
  • Glove Holder; Umbrella Holder; Towel Holder; Adjustable Straps; Easy Lift Handles;
  • Easy Stand Mechanism and Leg Lock;
  • Weight: 1.7kg (3.7lbs); Top Size: 16.8cm (6.5″);