If you encounter such issue as your golf ball drop into water or boundary fence? This telescopic golf ball retriever will help you get back those balls that end up in unreachable places  It's easy to use and will help you save time and energy so...

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The UK's best selling 2-piece ball. The 5th generation of Srixon's AD333 provides it's best all round 2-piece performance to date. An even bigger highly resilient Energetic Gradient Growth Core, made possible by thin cover technology, provides a...

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From Home For Both distance and great feeling when you play the Nike PD Soft Golf Balls have a soft case and compressed core for added ball control when short game and greater width adjustable between tee and fairway. Benefits Soft Compressed core...

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Tee off to a better game with the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball.It is made from a 50/50 blend of Surlyn and rubber. This soft-feel golf ball delivers plenty of extra distance from each swing. It has a two-piece solid-core construction and it...

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The high energy core (one of the largest in golf history) is mixed with titanium powder. It is moulded under high temperatures and extreme pressure for superior durability, elasticity and a high coefficient of restitution.The poly-resin outer...

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