Similar to the Tour Preferred Model, also offers the Tour Preferred X, with its 5 Bowl surface good widths and in all phases of the game a exceptionally good ball control and a soft feel for the ball. In addition to these great playing...

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Here is a simple, game changing fact: The SR 2 has been designed to have the best aerodynamic performance for athletic swing speeds between 90mph and 105mph. So yes, if your swing speed falls in this range, we're talking directly to you. Our HEX...

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The Srixon Soft Feel offer a super soft feel for the ball in combination with a perfect energy transmission. Thanks to the combination of highly elastic ball core and aerodynamic, seamless outer shell, this golf ball offers even in moderate to low...

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Lakeballs grade AAAA-AAA are a mixture of both categories, AAAA and AAA.Our lakeballs grade AAAA are in excellent condition. Look and feel can be compared to balls that have been played at maximum only for 2 or 3 holes. They have a regular and...

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The new Srixon Soft Feel is the softest Srixon ball we've made. With the 333 dimple pattern and Rabalon® Cover, the Srixon Soft Feel incorporates tour proven performance in a low compression ball for the everyday golfer. Highly resilient material...

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TaylorMade's Project (a), designed specifically for the competitive amateur player to promote more s;The new Project (a) has an overall compression of 70 (versus 88 in the original model), which was a;The core compression has been reduced from 60...

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