Champ Zarma Pin System (20 Pack) Golf Shoe Spikes


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Champ Zarma, ,Bring a new energy to your game, ,The latest technology from CHAMP (patent pending)., ,Three material design that has an innovative soft,cushion layer sandwiched between a durable traction,layer and a rigid attachment layer. All three layers are,held together using advanced polymer molding,techniques. Lotus Technology uses compression to,soften the impact of walking. This reduces spike,pressure and creates a more comfortable experience for,the golfer., ,Available in: Q-Lok (18),Tri-Lok (18) and PINS System (20), ,Wear Indicator,€œC€ Visible Wear Indicator turns solid,when worn., ,Traction Element,Strong abrasion resistant urethane, ,Cushion Element,Soft,resilient shock absorbing material, ,Reinforced Wrench Holes,Rigid base material with strong durable,wrench holes

  • 20 Champ Zarma Spikes
  • Compatible with the PINS shoe spike
  • System used on Adidas shoes
  • Maximum comfort on any course
  • Maximum traction in any weather
  • Easy to change with re enforced wrench holes
  • Designed to stay cleaner
  • Disk packed