Dehaohui Breathable Neoprene Knee Support Adjustable One Size Black


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Quality decides the functions, the role of knee pad not just play in preventing from skin trauma, the more important thing is to provide health care protective treatment, a ordinary knee pad can be useful in skin trauma and keep warming, but if you are looking for somethings that has better knee joint protection, highly reduce the burden of knee joint, or help knee rehabilitation, get the largest joint bouncing, power transmission ability, it is the exactly professional knee support you need!

Easily Adjustable to Your Size
The quality Velcro belts of our knee support can be wrapped and clasped together to fit your knee size.

Durable Material
Neoprene is the ideal material for knee supports as it is strong, durable and flexible. Our knee support can be washed and offer optimal support. Prevents skin irritation and keeps your knee warm.

Ideal Knee Protection
Great for post-surgery recovery, injury recovery and injury prevention. Ideal for athletes who strain their knees a lot during exercise and people suffering from arthritis.

Wash separately with other clothes. Do not bleach.
Can be washed with cold water.
Do not use washing machine dehydration or wash by boiling water.

1.Place the circular part on the knees
2.Fixed the short straps in the middle,the longer straps above,the short parts below in turn
3.Adjust properly to feel comfortable.

  • PERFECT KNEE SUPPORT:Protects against sprains, strains & twist. Supports weakened or damaged knees increasing the mobility and reducing any pain.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE:3 straps cross designs for protecting the knee from excessive fatigue or damage caused by improper force.
  • INNER DESIGN:Open patella design and stitched buttress helps provide added support whilst the heat therapeutic neoprene helps warm muscles and joints
  • SUPER NEOPRENE:Made of neoprene with soft,comfortable,breathable materials for wicking function
  • SPEEDS UP RECOVERY – High quality breathable neoprene creates heat retention helping with the recovery process.