Foam Roller with Grid Design + FREE Ultimate Guide – Body Focus Fitness® Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Relief, Myofascial Release – Best for Yoga, Pilates, Recovery, Rugby, Core Workout -33cmx14cm- 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction


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There’s nothing quite like a professional massage to support healthy muscles, soothe tension and ease stress. Or is there?

With the Body Focus Fitness® Foam Roller, you can treat yourself to a sports massage just like the pros give anytime, anywhere. Unlike other foam rollers, the Body Focus Fitness® Foam Roller has a smart design that provides the closest feeling to a professional massage possible. Our trigger point foam roller has three distinct textures combined into one, allowing you to experience the sensation of THUMB, FINGER and PALM motions against your sore, tired muscles. Due to its unique materials and design, our Trigger Point Roller is the best choice:

✮BEFORE YOUR WORKOUT. Use the roller to stimulate blood flow to reduce your risk of injury and get limbered up.

✮DURING WORKOUTS. Our foam roller for muscles are perfect bolsters for yoga and Pilates, they enhance the benefits of core workouts.

✮AFTER WORKOUTS. Use myofascial release immediately after your workout to maintain blood flow to the tissue and enhance recovery. The hollow core means it easily fits into your gym bag to use on location.

✮BETWEEN WORKOUTS. Fight post-workout soreness, muscle tightness, painful knots and muscle tension with regular massages using our trigger point foam roller.
To help you make the most out of your new muscle roller, the Body Focus Fitness® Roller comes with a complete full body recovery plan. Follow the guidelines with the help of your new foam roller, and you’ll be able to increase the benefits of every workout and decrease your risk of injury.

Experience the benefits of myofascial release without having to pay for expensive therapies. Get on your way to achieving your fitness goals with less soreness, speedier recovery and lower risk of injury.

Order the Body Focus Fitness® Foam Roller NOW.

  • ✮ TREAT YOURSELF to a LUXURIOUS massage, LIKE A PRO – Our foam roller is UNIQUELY ENGINEERED with thumb, finger and palm shaped textures to RELIEVE tight muscles and soreness + REDUCE YOUR RISK of sports injuries!
  • ✮ UNIQUE BENEFITS – Our roller is specially designed to increase FLEXIBILITY Pre-Workout and enhance RECOVERY Post-Workout! RELIEVE muscle tightness and soreness! Runners, athletes, rugby players, weight-lifters, yogis we have you covered!
  • ✮ READY TO TRAVEL – Our SUPER STRONG hollow core keeps the weight of our foam roller LIGHT and makes it EASY TO GRIP, so you can take it with you for workouts or complete your post-workout recovery massage right at the gym!
  • ✮ NOT JUST FOR MASSAGE! Use the foam roller as a SUPPORT for Pilates or yoga, for flexibility conditioning or during core workouts. Find READY-MADE WORKOUTS in our FREE e-book!
  • ✮ ORDER NOW RISK FREE! – Our foam roller for muscles are of the absolute finest quality, so we back them up with a LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. They make an ideal HOLIDAY GIFT! If you’re not COMPLETELY SATISFIED with your foam roller, we’ll give you a full refund