Golf & More Slippers in Brown / White for Women by ® Cebego Golf Slippers


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Unser Golf Slippers is quite an original Golf shoe recaptured and the major Part of the Golfhausschuhs White rearing is the model, etc., is brown Patterning.
into our Golfhausschuh hatching and wellbeing
. a further Highlight is the sole of the Spikes Goflhauschuhs or white felt to install-just like a real golf shoe

. This model is for women’s and for size of approx. 10-14 City. thanks to the flexible material is THE shoe for these sizes comfortably and comfortable to wear.

  • Golf gloves in brown / white design
  • Fluffy Material
  • Women in for approximately size 12-16
  • Cebego ® by
  • Very stretchy