Golf Glove by Blok-IT – Cabretta Leather – Gives You The Precise Grip For The Perfect Swing


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Popular Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

The cabretta leather golf glove from Blok-IT has been designed with performance in mind, using a blend of classic materials mixed in with the latest technology to ensure better grip combined with extra comfort, no matter what the conditions are like out on the golf course.

High Quality Leather

Cabretta leather, made from sheepskin offers a stylish yet tough and durable material that allows for real grip, while providing a flexible fit and breathability, making this glove a popular fit for golfers of all ages and a great choice for an all-year-round golfing club.

* Premium design gives golfers a durable glove that improves performance
* Cabretta leather provides a soft feel, flexible fit and excellent shape retention
* Can buy either a left-hand glove or a right-hand glove depending on playing style

Which Glove Is Better For Me – The Left-Handed Glove, Or The Right-Handed Glove?

Depending on your dominant hand when playing golf, you should purchase a glove for the opposite hand:

* Right-handed players should get a glove for their left hand
* Left-handed players should get a glove for their right hand

As wearing these cabretta leather golf gloves helps to prevent slippage and increase grip when holding your golf club, it’s best to wear the glove on the hand that has the most contact with your club.

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  • Soft Feel Cabaretta Leather
  • Flexible Fit for Full Range of Motion
  • Keeps Hand Dry & Comfortable
  • Right Handed – You Need a Left Hand Glove
  • Left Handed – You Need a Right Hand Glove