Hirzl Cont Men’s Golf Glove Left Hand


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HIRZL,The Ultimate Glove Experience,Trust Control Golf Glove,Includes free! Glove Airer/Dryer/Hanger,Being skilled on the green isn€TMt just about having a great technique or chalking up lots of experience. It€TMs also about having the very best kit to support you. ,That€TMs why more and more serious golfers are switching to HIRZL. Your glove provides the only direct connection between you and your club,directly impacting your grip,the reliability of your swing and the overall quality of your game. Now,for the first time,the golf community has gloves designed to overcome the well-known weaknesses inherent in other glove brands. We€TMre making sweaty palms,inferior bad-weather control and gloves that crack and tear after just a few rounds history.,+ 3X MORE GRIP IN DRY WEATHER CONDITIONS + 5X MORE GRIP IN WET WEATHER CONDITIONS + MORE STRUCTURED PALM LEATHER + 100% SWEAT-FREE PALM,As a medium to high handicap player,you want to be able to effortlessly maintain a firm grip in order to achieve longer shots and improve your control over the ball€TMs direction,leading to fewer poor shots. Our TRUST Control gloves with thicker,more structured palm leather are perfect for you.,Conforms with USGA Rules.

  • Three-times more grip in dry weather conditions
  • Five-times more grip in wet weather conditions
  • Textured kangaroo palm leather
  • 100-Percent sweat resistant palm
  • Conforms with USGA Rules