Microfibre Travel Sports Towel – Quick Dry Body Focus Fitness® Gym Towel – X-Large 183cm x 61cm – Great for Travel, Camping, Beach – Perfect for Swimming, Hot Yoga & Pilates


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You can’t afford to be without a towel at the beach, when you’re camping or when you’re hitting the gym, but ordinary towels can be such as hassle! Most just don’t do a good job of absorbing water and sweat, and after you use them, they take forever to dry in your bag. The good news is that there’s a better way to dry off on the go–the Body Focus Fitness Microfibre Sports Towel is the answer.

Made from millions of tiny, thirsty fibres, the Body Focus Fitness Microfibre Sports Towel absorbs sweat and water much faster than the average towel. After use, the travel towel dries rapidly, so you can fold it up and pack it away without making your bag a wet or sweaty mess.

Our microfibre towel is the perfect:

✮ Sports towel
✮ Gym towel
✮ Hot yoga towel
✮ Beach towel
✮ Swimming towel
✮ Travel towel
✮ Camping towel

Compared to other microfibre travel towel products sold on Amazon, the Body Focus Fitness Microfibre Sports Towel stands out as the best because it’s:

LIGHTER. Our sports towel weighs only 350 grams, so it won’t weigh you down on the go.

EASIER TO PACK. The gym towel folds up to a compact size to fit perfectly in any bag.

MORE ABSORBENT. Our microfibre towel draws away moisture fast and dries just as quickly.

BETTER QUALITY. We’ve made our travel towel to stand the test of time. It’s soft and luxurious but incredibly durable.

GENEROUSLY SIZED. At 183 centimeters by 61 centimeters in size, our microfibre travel towel is perfect for everyone!

GUARANTEED FOR A LIFETIME. You can buy this gym towel risk free!

See for yourself how much better a travel towel can be! Choose the best microfibre towel on Amazon. Order the Body Focus Fitness Microfibre Sports Towel now.

  • ✮ ULTRA THIRSTY FIBRES Our microfibre towel is made from a compact network of millions of fibres, each of which can hold an incredible amount of liquid
  • ✮ THE PERFECT SPORTS TOWEL After use, our towel dries quickly, so it won’t leave your bag wet
  • ✮ JUST THE RIGHT SIZE Large enough to work perfectly as a hot yoga towel or beach towel, yet small enough to be a convenience travel towel at 183cm by 61cm
  • ✮ EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY Our gym towel is made from the best fabrics and carefully sewn to ensure durability. You can launder this towel again and again without worry
  • ✮ GUARANTEED FOR A LIFETIME Our microfibre travel towel is backed by a lifetime guarantee, so you can purchase it with confidence! If you’re ever dissatisfied with your purchase, we’ll replace the towel or refund your money