Nike Rzn White – Standard Golf Balls Color: White Size: 12


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Get the premium feel with the new RZN balls and dont miss out on these amazing balls with the best performance on the market.

  • Speedlock RZN core technology features an interlocking core design – the core’s surface is similar to a waffle iron. This design helps the core connect with the compression layer surrounding it to form a tighter bond that helps improve the transfer of energy through the layers at impact.
  • The Speedlock core’s interlocking geometry helps eliminate the slipping that normally occurs between a traditional, smooth-surface core and the outer layer. When a core slides or slips on impact, the ball loses energy and, as a result, speed and distance.
  • The lightweight RZN material allows the extra weight to the perimeter of the golf ball, which gives the new RZN family an extremely high Moment of Inertia (MOI) in a golf ball. This provides incredible ball flight stability in all wind conditions
  • Black and Platinum are four-piece balls, while Red and White are three-piece balls
  • RZN Platinum: Tour-level control with moderate spin (as used by Paul Casey on Tour)