PearlGolf 36 Bridgestone Lady Precept Pink Golf Balls – Pearl / AAA – Lake Balls


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Lakeballs grade AAAA-AAA are a mixture of both categories, AAAA and AAA.Our lakeballs grade AAAA are in excellent condition. Look and feel can be compared to balls that have been played at maximum only for 2 or 3 holes. They have a regular and nearly perfect gloss. Only on very close inspection you can find rare “signs of play”. They can have logos or marks of play, if not explicitly stated.Lakeballs grade AAA are in a good general condition. They still have nice glossiness, but some of them can have discolorations. They can have marks and/or signs of play, but no Cuts or X-Out balls! Most of them can still be used for tournament rounds. Logos are possible.

  • 36 used golfballs of Bridgestone
  • 2-Piece Construction
  • seamless cover technology
  • 330 dimples
  • extremely soft core