Procella Umbrella Golf Umbrella 62-Inch Large Tested By Skydivers Windproof Auto Open Rain & Wind Resistant


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Rated Number 1 on Amazon, this is the only golf umbrella you’ll need at the greens. Waterproof and windproof. It is made of a solid fiberglass shaft and framework that is lightning resistant. This tough umbrella opens to a 62″ double vented canopy that lets air slip in and out so you won’t get blown out. It’s almost unbreakable. We tested it in one of the highest wind tunnels in the world for skydivers and it didn’t break or fold up even at 46mph. Its auto open button doesn’t pinch and a non-slip rubberized grip lets you open and hold it with one hand. This is a large umbrella that comfortably covers two people. Take it out on any type of weather and even for leisure walks with your favorite pet. It comes with a carrying sleeve. If it breaks on you, just send photos and we’ll immediately ship a replacement through a Lifetime Guarantee.

  • YOU ONLY HAVE YOUR GOLF GAME TO THINK ABOUT This is your best protection against the elements
  • NOT JUST FOR GOLFERS A large umbrella that comfortably protects two people and when on leisurely strolls or watching a favorite game.When in the UK you need to have one!
  • BUYING QUALITY Quality is what this umbrella is about. Quality is unbreakable at 46mph – our “windproof”!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR FAMILY & FRIENDS Tradition meets style that makes it an easy gift choice for family and friends
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE Just send us photos of your broken umbrella and we’ll ship you an immediate replacement