SuperStroke Legacy 1.0 – Golf Club Grip


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The Super Stroke Legacy ultra slim 1.0 putter grip features a patented parallel design which evens out pressure in both hands for freer swings. It has rubber underlisting and thanks to the CrossTraction technology feel and tackiness are improved. The grip uses new high-tech polyurethane material, weighs 65g (2.3oz) and has a core size of 1.5cm (0.58″). This easy to slip on grip is the smallest one made by Super Stroke and has been approved by the USGA.

  • Free Swing and Even Pressure in Both Hands by Patented Parallel Design;
  • Rubber Underlisting; Easy to Slip-On;
  • High-Tech Polyurethane; CrossTraction Technology Improving Feel and Tackiness;
  • Approved by USGA; Core Size: 1.5cm (0.58″);
  • Size: Length=26.7cm (10.5″), Diameter=2.5cm (1″); Weight: 65g (2.3oz);