Titleist 2015 Players Regular Golf Glove Left XX-Large Pearl 6613


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The New 2015 Titleist PLAYERS glove is made of a premium Cabretta Leather. It will resist moisture and retain its superb comfort, fit and feel during each round of play. The patented satin reinforcement at cuff and thumb improves tear strength and with even more enhanced breathability. Carefully work the glove over your hand, smoothing it back from the fingertips as you put the glove on. Never pull on the glove from the cuff. For maximum life, the glove should be stored in the original packaging sleeve or in a plastic bag. Many golfers prefer to own several Titleist gloves and rotate them from round to round. This will extend the life of each glove significantly.

  • Tanned Cabretta Leather; Offers superior water and perspiration resistance. Maintains grip, comfort and performance in all types of weather conditions
  • Thinnest Leather Specification; Outstanding club feel due to premium selected, soft, thin skins
  • Precisely sewn dual rows of elastic; Provide exceptional fit and comfort and Precisely placed seams do not interfere with grip
  • Finer gauge Velcro; Provides precision fit and ease of use