XF ACER hybrid number 3 with 19 degree loft gents graphite regular right handed with an acer velocity shaft and black/white karma grip (select the colour of your shaft and the size of your grip)


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By mixing and matching the stylish XF hybrids, you are not tied down by what constitutes a “traditional” set make up providing you with complete customization. Let’s face it some players are better fairway players than others or their weakness is using certain irons. Hybrids are designed to bridge that gap. For instance a 2 and 3 hybrid club may replace a 5 and 7-wood respectively, but the shorter length provides more confidence. The broader shape of a hybrid enables increased forgiveness over a long or even mid iron. This is why the XF hybrids will make a welcome addition to many golfers’ bags. They are equally attractive to the rest of the Acer XF woods, but in a traditional hybrid shape. Plus they offer the same variable crown and face technologies for improved performance and feel.

  • The XF is also available in various lofts that give players options 2#, 3#, 4#,5#, 6#
  • If you struggle to play long irons these are really forgiving making the long approaches much easier.
  • The lofts are 16 degree for the 2#, 19 degree for the 3#, 22 degree for the 4#, 25 degree for the 5#, and 28 degree for the 6#
  • Available both in right and left handed (no number 2# nor 6# for left handed)
  • Available with a white or black velocity shaft and a selection of grips sizes (the picture shows the three wood only and in right handed only)